Carson Greene


With a diverse background in Video and Audio engineering. Carson solves many issues regarding home theater equipment then onto major affiliate broadcast transmissions. As Radio and Television fill most of his resume, Carson thinks of what Can be done to solve a problem and not let the level of difficulty interfere when coming to a conclusion.

Video editing with Final Cut Pro as a hobby. Carson has produced Wedding videos, Presentation Videos and Archive videos for clients for various uses. Working mainly with Non-Profit companies Carson has explored numerous skills and researched techniques to accomplish the goal of completing projects within and beyond the clients expectations.

Having grown up in a household supplied with creativity, imagination and ingenuity Carson has created himself a world surrounded with a “Can Do !” attitude. Carson has the ability to adapt quickly once he learns a new subject. This ability is most prevalent in his skills as a creative designer of audio and video projects. Play time was spent disassembling toy versions of walkie talkies then to resembling them back to perfect working order. Then to seamless music recording compilations to cassette tape for friends. Being able to watch a movie and dissect the way how shots were constructed and how special effects were created for any particular movie. If Carson was not sure of a particular task or “how something came to be” he would research and use the resources that where available to him to figure out how it was done or even how to make a particular project more efficient.


a Video & Audio Consultant.

“Say what you know,

Know what you Say”

“Learn all that is Learnable”

“At first if you don’t succeed, try, try and then try harder”

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